We select the best fabrics to ensure that your swimwear will last a long time.
To make sure of this, you must pay attention to some details.

Cleome is not responsible for the misuse of its items or incorrect washing of them.


To keep your swimwear in perfect condition, we recommend:

Wash by hand, using cold water.
Remove all chlorine and/or salt.
Do not use detergents.
Wash with neutral soap.
It is not advisable to use in environments with a high percentage of chlorine.
Do not let it soak.
Squeeze gently and do not twist.
Do not use a washing machine or dryer.
Do not iron.
Dry in the shade without sun exposure.
Do not leave parts in contact with chemicals.
Avoid scratching on surfaces with aggressive textures. Keep in a dry and clean place.


Like all white clothing whose tone is volatile, your swimwear is no exception and requires special care.

When using white items, it must be taken into account that the use of sun products (Oils, Tanners, Lotions, Protectors,...) in direct contact with the item, may cause stains on it.

It should also be taken into account that direct contact with colored articles/pieces of clothing must be taken with care, particularly if the item is damp/wet.

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